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019 - The state of Automaily & regaining focus

After another unscheduled break Simon and Dean are back to discuss what they are working on

018 - Dealing with competitors, taking funding or not!

We discuss applying for seed funding and dealing with a competitors that are popping up everywhere!

017 - Why no card upfront and Simon's mysterious new opportunity

Dean explains why he's not asking for a card upfront and we learn more about Simon's mysterious opportunity with Snapshooter

016 - Sorry no Podcast, I messed up

Explaining why we don't have a podcast

015 - Bad Podcast Scheduling

After weeks off, the guys finally manage to get a recording and catchup. More AWS chat with hints of DNS

014 - Pivot or Die. Customer Development is Hard

Can Dean pivot with CloudPeriscope or is it destined for the idea graveyard?

013 - Amazon killed my product, now what?

Dean drops the bombshell that Amazon has released key features of CloudPeriscope for FREE. Should he kill his product or pivot?

012 - Learning from Customer behaviour & getting your books in order

It all changes when you have a customer, hear how Auomaily's first customer is influencing Simon's marketing. Also, it's getting real for Dean as he starts to look at the business side and gets his accounts started

011 - New name, new start, new features, new price anchoring

Simon fresh from a 1 week break talks price anchoring and Dean reveals the new name for his product

010 - Identity Crisis & SCA Woes

This week Dean reveals an identity crisis with his SaaS and Simon talks about the problems implementing SCA with Stripe

009 - Automaily launches, positioning revisited and finding focus again

Automaily has launched and has its first signups, A short geek out on AWS instances and we revisit positioning and getting your first customers.

008 - What is positioning and where am I!

This week the guys talk about Simons positioning with Automaily again as well as covering April Dunfords book Obviously awesome.

007 - Delayed Catch up

After a few weeks off Simon and Dean have a catch up with what’s been happening.

006 - Refactoring, Customer Research, The Mom Test and Stripe 101

This week Simon updates us on his customer research feedback, Dean tells of his refactoring woes. We discuss the book The Mom Test, building an audience on LinkedIn and finally Simon gives some Stripe 101 advice to Dean

005 - Got The Blues

This week is all about getting the blues, questioning what you are building and talking it through for a new perspective to help re-focus on the task at hand.

004 - Origins & Back Stories

This week we talk origins for both our product names and where the ideas came from. Of course we have the usual progress reports too.

003 - New Arrivals

With our new mic's and pre-amps we give you a much better sound quality and talk about hitting revenue milestones, dogfooding Automaily with Snapshooter, dealing with real life issues, writing documentation and a sneak preview of the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication legislation a.k.a. PSD2 or 3D Secure v2.

002 - Pricing

We recap the events of last week and how life sometimes throws you a curve ball. The discussion then turns to pricing as we give our thoughts on pricing models and reveal how much we'll be charging for Automaily and CloudInsights.

001 - The beginning, making our accountability public

Simon and Dean try their hand at making their first podcast for SaaS a reality

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