005 - Got The Blues

This week is all about getting the blues, questioning what you are building and talking it through for a new perspective to help re-focus on the task at hand.

Got the Blues 

Dean states the obvious about how putting a landing page together gives you focus about what you are doing and why. 

After a quick update about our products we talk about why Simon is feeling the blues about Automaily. 

Anxiety is creeping about about what Automaily is, what it does and is it going in the right direction. 

The main concerns are product direction, numbers (customers and pricing) and where it fits in with the competition. 

Things discussed are granular and metered billing causing 
complexity while widening the pricing tiers can give better value, better perception and makes things easier for your customers. 

We dig in to where the value is with Automaily and who would benefit from it and just as importantly who wouldn't be a good fit. 

Positioning is also important, where does your product fit in with your competitors? Are you unique? Are you an also ran? Given your positioning should you be competing or on value? 

We uncover why higher pricing for Automaily isn't a bad thing and identify why a minimum $19 per month is cheap and a no brainer. 

Come along with us as we work things out and help you identify issues on your SaaS journey.

Enjoy Episode 5.

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Snapshooter.io - Simon’s existing SaaS product  

Cloudinsights.app - Dean’s new SaaS  

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