004 - Origins & Back Stories

This week we talk origins for both our product names and where the ideas came from. Of course we have the usual progress reports too.

Origins & Back Stories 

Simon and Dean give a progress update for the previous week which cover Automaily Workflow updates and CloudInsights database refactoring. 

Your hosts then share the origin stories of their products, how the ideas came about, where the names came from and what previous names were chosen. 

Simon recounts how an idea for Automaily kept him up all night and he wanted to start coding there and then at 10pm. 

We hear how Simon is reaping the rewards by putting his own product, Automaily, through its paces in real world use. 

Dean reveals the need for his own product, the original idea and the original name.  He talks about how being a good founder and doing his customer development calls led to a full pivot and name change. 

Simon asks how Dean found the potential customers to talk to and Dean gives away the (not so) secret sauce. 

SaaS Reality Links 

Automaily.com - Simon’s new product 
Snapshooter.io - Simon’s existing SaaS product  

Cloudinsights.app - Dean’s new SaaS  

Show mentions 

Helpspot (Helpdesk) - https://www.helpspot.com

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pushcx (Peter Bhat Harkins) - https://twitter.com/pushcx

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