003 - New Arrivals

With our new mic's and pre-amps we give you a much better sound quality and talk about hitting revenue milestones, dogfooding Automaily with Snapshooter, dealing with real life issues, writing documentation and a sneak preview of the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication legislation a.k.a. PSD2 or 3D Secure v2.

New Arrivals

Simon announces a revenue milestone for Snapshooter.io and a new addition to the family. 

Dean talks about coping with life events that take priority over SaaS, where to find great ideas for Content Marketing and the poor quality of the official AWS training. 

We also talk about when is the right time to start your customer/support documentation and the SEO benefits of doing it early. 

As we wrap up the episode we tackle the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which will come in to force as part of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) legislation in the EU. 

We discuss if this will affect SaaS subscriptions and what impact it might have if you have metered billing.  We'll be taking a deep dive into this in a later episode. 

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