002 - Pricing

We recap the events of last week and how life sometimes throws you a curve ball. The discussion then turns to pricing as we give our thoughts on pricing models and reveal how much we'll be charging for Automaily and CloudInsights.

We're back and talking pricing

We survived the first episode and have returned to share more of our SaaS Reality.   A lot was learned putting out episode 1, hopefully you'l find our audio quality much better this time around. 

In this episode we'll tell you about how life screwed with us and how our plans for week changed at a moments notice.  

Dean's SaaS development time was lost when he had to study for an AWS Certification because of a rescheduling issue.  On the upside he's now a certified AWS Solutions Architect which will gives him official status and credibility to use in his marketing. 

Simon felt the brute force of SaaS Reality when the Digital Ocean API had an outage and a small issue with his code sent an email to all of his customers saying their servers were gone! 

We talk about our pricing tiers for Automaily and CloudInsights and the reasons why we chose our pricing structures.  We also discuss a question about pricing models submitted by a listener (Povilas Korop). 

SaaS Reality Links 

Automaily.com - Simon’s new product
Snapshooter.io - Simon’s existing SaaS product
CloudInsights.app - Dean’s new SaaS

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Justing Jacksons Charge more debate 
Transistor.fm - Podcast hosting

Intro music by Joseph McDade - https://josephmcdade.com/music

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