012 - Learning from Customer behaviour & getting your books in order

It all changes when you have a customer, hear how Auomaily's first customer is influencing Simon's marketing. Also, it's getting real for Dean as he starts to look at the business side and gets his accounts started

Automaily's first customer seems to be working out and Simon is learning from him.  By talking with and helping him Simon is finding where he can improve automaily and also realises there are many more use cases out there for his product.

Dean updates us on the progress of writing CloudPeriscope and talks about getting his house in order from an accounting perspective and is still making connections on LinkedIn for his top of funnel marketing.

Simon is still waiting for Stripe to fix the bug in the API so he can implement code for the upcoming SCA changes.

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Automaily.com - Simon’s new product  
Snapshooter.io - Simon’s existing SaaS product   

CloudPeriscope.com - Dean’s new SaaS   

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