001 - The beginning, making our accountability public

Simon and Dean try their hand at making their first podcast for SaaS a reality

The beginning...

We are two experienced developers and entrepreneurs who are sharing our journey as we build, launch and run SaaS businesses.

Join us, Simon and Dean, as we share our 'accountability' updates with the world.

Come along with us through the highs and lows as we talk openly about the challenges and triumphs of running an online SaaS business.

In this first episode you get to meet the hosts (us):

Simon, the young energetic Dad, already a successful SaaS founder with his Snapshooter.io product is scratching his own itch and building Automaily.

Dean, a survivor of the pre-internet corporate IT world and an ex CTO/Technical Director of a 7 figure web agency brings his experience and maturity of the enterprise to the SaaS world.

About Episode 1:

In this, our first episode, you'll discover why we started this podcast and why we are sharing our journey with you.  Why we think this podcast is needed and who inspired us.

About Automaily:

Automaily is a churn busting and dunning automation tool with fully configurable workflows designed to help you recover lost and churned revenue.  

It also takes care of all the tedious and boring follow up emails when chasing down failed payments.

About CloudInsights.app

CloudInsights is tackling a hard problem, how to reduce your AWS bill and save time and money.

Dean's product scans your AWS infrastructure and analyses your costs and usage data. It identifies unused, under-utilised and forgotten servers and resources.

With this knowledge you can right-size, shut down or refactor the troublesome parts of your Amazon Web Services infrastructure to save money and reduce your support and DevOps overheads.


Automaily.com - Simon’s new product
Snapshooter.io - Simon’s existing SaaS product
Cloudinsights.app - Dean’s new SaaS

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People and podcasts mentioned during the episode and who inspired this podcast

Intro music by Joseph McDade - https://josephmcdade.com/music

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